Monique Bosch   |   Boschbeeldend



As a sculptor Monique Bosch (1960) puts thoughts and feelings into matter, into bronze sculptures. This fascinating process meanders like a river through the landscape of her life. And it takes time for this.


Figurative bronzes, humans and animals, sometimes both combined in one figure, are characteristic of the work of Monique Bosch. From childhood on she uses her hands to make forms out of clay and wax. Raised in a cultural climate friendly to art and having supported her artistic development  with several courses, she  became an authentic artist, following her own ideas. By her own inspiration or by order of clients special narratives are translated into original sculptures.


Her studio Boschbeeldend in De Hoven (Zutphen) is where Bosch works and teaches sculpting. She played an active role in an art collective Kunst op de Hoek in Zutphen from august 2015 to February 2018.


‘Two Birdies B’ is a work of public art, and consists of two large bronze statues. Situated as they are on opposite riverbanks of the river IJssel’, Birdie ‘Brummen’ and Birdie ‘Bronckhorst’ contribute to the relationship of these communities.